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27 June 2007

Monday's modem murder

I spent most of yesterday running all over Tallahassee looking for the best deal on a new computer. I'd been thinking about updating my desk for some time, but was in no rush. Until Monday's afternoon thunderstorm. The modem just kinda faded away. So much for surge protection.

The excellent deal at Best Buy was, naturally, sold out. So I ended up at Office Depot. Rather than splurge on all the bells and whistles - most of which I'd probably never use, anyhow - I went for the cheapest package available. By the time my mail-in rebates come in, the whole deal will be under $375. And it's still better than the one it's replacing, which cost around $1000 +/-. Coincidentally, they're both Compaq Presarios.

I was tempted to buy the laptop, which would have been just about the same cost, again after mail-in rebates, (Why don't they just sell them for the lower price and save us a stamp and the world more paper trash?!) But the salesman, in trying to push the extended warranty, turned me off the idea. Something about nobody wanting to work on laptops should anything go wrong. Way to lose a sale, buddy.

The hardest part was passing up the camera they had on sale. 15x optical zoom, 8.1mp... *sigh* Maybe next time.

Now if I can just figure out how to adjust the brightness on this monitor. Most of the pictures are way too focused. You know how when you're editing the pics and you hit sharpen too many times? Got to wear shades! I'm thinking I need a trip to the refuge to rest my eyes. 8-]

Y'all have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


Floridacracker said...

I bet that camera was the updated version of my Sony.
Glad you have a cool new computer.
Now if we can just get broadband out here in the sticks.

SophieMae said...

FC, now that you mention it, I believe you're right. It's the DSC-H7. I'm wracking my brain for a foolproof scheme to come up with the extra $$$ before the sale ends... in 2 days!

I don't even kow if we have broadband out here yet. When we moved here, the cable service ended a mile or so up the road, so we probably have that by now. I'm such a scrooge about this kind of thing. Waiting forever and a day for pics and such to load is a drag, but there are so many other things I can do with that extra $20 a month. 8-}

Steve said...


I made a few changes to my blog which may or may not help the jumping pictures. For a while I wondered if it was a result of you using a dial-up connection because the same problem was coming up with another dial-up reader, but a cable reader was having some problem, too.

I was wondering something else: how long, really, does it take for my site to load on a dial-up system? I've limited the front page to ten postings, which slows down the process for broadband readers, but I realize that might still be painfully slow for others. What can you tell me? Thanks for your input.

SophieMae said...

Steve, I tried to leave a comment on your page, but it vanished. I might have used the wrong email address. Can't remember which one I signed up with and the reminder is on the old computer. 8-}

Your pictures are behaving perfectly now and the page loads fairly quickly. Even the bigger pictures don't take too long.

Steve said...

Wonderful! I'm glad it's working better, now. And thanks for checking.