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02 July 2007

Florida quarters

I'm cleaning out some old files and came across a brief article you fellow crackers will enjoy.
Keep out!

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


Hurricane Teen said...

When we used to get The Florida Times-Union (we get the St. Augustine Record now because it's better :-D) I would either scream in anger at Ron Littlepage or say "yes" to everything he wrote. There was no middle ground...It just depended on the column.
I am sorry I have been absent from here for a while...I have been getting up late lately (ha ha), and early morning is usually when I do my blogging. Now that I'm getting up before 6 again, I will be able to do some blogging.
BTW: One of the links here on your blog led me to my next big hobby: GEOCACHING!

SophieMae said...

HurTeen, sleep in while you can!

You're gonna love geocaching! I bought several ammo boxes to plant, but somebody moved them to the shed, so it'll be a while before they see the light of day again.

astairesteps said...

thanks for the article link. enjoyed it. i vote for bobby bowden. :o)