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24 June 2007

I know, I know; I've been scarce again. Idano where this month has gone. Last weekend, DS and I ran over to Live Oak and catalogued half the MaryBelle Cemetery for After that, we were starving, so I got DQ and DS got Krystal and we both got stupid. Part of the plan was to proceed to Lake City and have dinner at the Cracker Barrel there. There we were, about 3.30PM, stuffing ourselves with fast food... After we got over V-8ing ourselves up side the head, we decided to head on back by a different route and try LC another time.
If these gas prices keep going up, it might be a long while before we drive halfway across the state again. I just about slopped my dripper when I saw this sign in Tallahassee this afternoon!

Just up the road, we saw these unusual bovine creatures. Just wish I could've gotten close enough for a really good shot.

Yes, it was an interesting day in the capital city. In the same area, we came across an anhinga with a dilemma. She had speared herself what looked to be a huge frog and couldn't figure out how to eat it without risking losing it. She sat on the lakeshore for quite a while with this thing impaled on her beak. We had to leave before she managed to get it off. I've seen them with fish stuck like that before. Amazing birds, for sure.

Again, much too far for any decent shots, but I had to try.

We had planned on buying groceries before coming home, but we made a last minute detour by BAM and spotted The Fresh Market across the road. Hmmm, I'd never been in there, so figured I'd just take a quick peek, then go on to Publix. We never made it to Publix. It was SO nice in there! That's the way a grocery store ought to be. And, for the most part, the prices weren't as bad as I expected. I came home with dolma and tiny little baby sunburst squashes and dry roasted wasabi edamame and golden raspberries and a small bag of key limes and turkish apricots and... Duller loves all that stuff, but he isn't quite convinced we should do all our shopping there. I need to go back and check their deli for something totally irresistible. 8-]

Oh, BTW, the gas sign said 2.88 on the other side. New store, new sign. *whew!*


Floridacracker said...

Cool shots! I read an agricultural article awhile back about how the water buffalo was a perfect match for FL's climate conditions.
I hope they do better than the ostrich ranchers.

What does BAM stand for and what is dolma?

SophieMae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SophieMae said...

FC, BAM = Books-a-Million, DS's home away form home. Dolma ar stuffed grape leaves.

I'm not sure how long the water buffalo have been there. We've been watching them for a few years now. The amazing thing is, they're right up by the interstate. Unfortunately, they're planning to build a 1.2-million sq ft outdoor mall in that very spot. 8-{ Their previous efforts were stonewalled, but I reckon the stonewallers are gone now. Maybe some magnanimous mozzarella maker will give them a new home.