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10 June 2007

DS and I took a little jaunt down to the wildlife refuge the other day. About halfway through, I reminded him how we had seen baby green herons there last year, the one time I didn't have my camera, since it was a a spur of the moment detour. Not 2 minutes later, I slammed on the brakes! LOOK! TWO BABY GREEN HERONS!

Can you believe it?! Ain't God good?! This time, I was ready for them. Unfortunately, they were in a shaded area with a sunny bank behind them. My camera always wants to focus on the easiest target. >8\ No matter what I tried, it kept zeroing in on the background. (Yes, I still have a lot to learn.) Somehow, I did manage to get a couple of halfway decent shots.

After a while, DS pointed out an even younger chick in a tree up ahead. While we watched, one of the proud parents flew in with vittles. Unfortunately, they stayed amongst the leaves and branches most of the time, so no mealtime pics. After the second feeding, the elder posed just long enough for one quick shot.

At this point, the babies moved out of the shade. One disappeared while the other took advantage of a higher branch to look for Momma.

Before long, he'd had enough and politely let me know I should move along.


Floridacracker said...

Those are great shots. The little guy looks like he's just about ready to go.

SophieMae said...

Thanks, FC! Green herons are way up there on my list of favourites. I'm always tickled to get any shots of these shy guys. 8-]

Peggy said...

Baby green herons!!!! I am BEYOND jealous!

Maybe some day.... Meanwhile, great photos!


SophieMae said...

Peggy, if you get a chance any time soon, drive through St Marks. They were there again this afternoon... in the canal, on the left, just before Headquarters Pond.