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14 June 2007

St. Marks again

Well, I just had to go back yesterday and see if I could find the Green Heron chicks again. And I did!

It was a really great day down there with a perfect ending. As we were leaving, it started to rain. By the time we got to the gate, it was pouring.

Other highlights of the day included a pair of Black-necked Stilts tending a nest...

.....................................Here's Papa on the nest while Momma has dinner.
.............................................On the wy out, they had switched places

...and a cooter laying eggs.

I saw this big fellow basking on the bank, but he didn't want his picture taken. I had to snap real quick through the windshield to get this shot.

Time for just one more before he vanished like a sinking grebe.

And I just had to jump out of the truck to fire off a few shots of the 28 white pelicans flying over.


Peggy said...

Clearly I need to get to St. Marks! Can you give me a pointer to where you saw the chicks?

Peggy said...

Haha, you just answered my question in my blog!! Which side of the road, or is the canal only on one side??? If I didn't have plans for tomorrow I would BE THERE!

Floridacracker said...

I love the expression on that softshell's face. She looks a bit insane.
Pretty good off the cuff windshield shooting of the gator too.

SophieMae said...

Peggy, the canal is on the left. I'd say about the last half mile +/- before you get to Headquarters Pond. They're good at hiding amongst all that tangle.

FC, doesn't she, though?! LOL! I kept trying to catch a shot when she'd send the dirt flying out behind her, but my batteries were dying - forgot the spares - and it started raining about that time. Wish I'd caught that gator before he got up. Timing is everything. 8-]

Steve said...

St. Marks NWR is really an amazing place. I envy your nearness to it. Great photos!

SophieMae said...

Thanks ever so, Steve! St. Marks is definitely one of my favourite hangouts. I'll certainly miss it when we move.

Steve said...

Are you planning to move?