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07 June 2007


While I have a few minutes, I thought I'd just throw together a few answers to some of y'all's questions. Please forgive me for not remembering who asked what. 8-}

1 - I was born and raied in Palm Harbor, FL. That's between Clearwater and Tarpon Springs. OK, technically, I was born in Tarpon Springs, coz there was no hospital in Palm Harbor.

2 - I went to Ozona Elementary, Palm Harbor Jr High (which, back then, included grades 3-9), and Tarpon Springs High (GO SPONGERS!)

3 - Places I have lived, in no particular order: Palm Harbor, Ozona, Eustis, Tampa, New Port Richey, Daytona, Holly Hill, Edgewater, Cocoa, Orange City, DeLand, Port Orange, Marco Island, Islamorada (on lower Matecumbe Key), Wakulla Station, Crawfordville - oh, and a very brief stopover in Indiana and a few weeks in SC.

4 - I have tracked my family history back at last 7 generations in FL. On the other side of the tree, I've gone back even further, through SC, to a baron in Germany.

5 - Yes, my camera is an appendage.

6 - Some of the - sometimes weird - things I like and/or find facinating: cow tongue; tripe, peanut butter & bologna sandwiches; pineapple & mayo sandwiches; dead trees; old shacks; industrial areas; especially those with smokestacks; fencing; flamenco; listening to the waves lapping on the Gulf shore; the smell of pastures; cooking special dinners, especially if I have a new recipe to try...

7 - No, Florida is not flat.

8 - Yes, I'd rather drive, or walk, through the woods or wade along a deserted beach than go to a fancy restaurant

9 - If I must wear 'shoes' it'll be flip flops. Once in a blue moon, and only under duress, I'll shake the cobwebs and critters out of my sneakers.

10 - No, I don't wear makeup or get my hair or nails done at the salon. And yes, my hair does really reach my waist, now that I cut off around 8 inches or so.

Now, off to collect one of those free root beer floats from Sonic. Sorry if I forgot any. Ask me again. 8-]


Floridacracker said...

Good golly that's alot of places. You've got me beat ...
Let's see... St. Augustine, Pensacola, Savannah, Tybee Island, Cherokee (NC), Big Cypress, Here.

Free floats! A&W memories ...

Pretty amazing hair too.

That was a cool list. I could relate to a lot of that, except I'm the opposite on shoes, sneakers si, flipflops no.

Cathy S. said...

Thanks for sharing so we could get to know you a little better. Here's some of mine:

Gainesville, St. Pete., Clearwater, St. Pete, Terra Ceia (and 4 yrs of college in Greenville, SC)

Although I make my living writing and researching other people's history, I have no clue how many generations back my family can be traced. I leave that up to my mom and uncle.

My only appendages are the ones God gave me although my family thinks I have sprouted a lap top from my belly as I am on it every minute possible these days.

I don't think loving the smell of pastures is weird!

My favorite places are my garden or on horseback. A sandwich from a saddle pack in the middle of a state park is a wonderful treat.

Can't ride in flip flops or sneakers. I love my riding boots!

Who has nails? Mine are broken off and have dirt under them.

Oh, boy would I love a root beer float, but I am fasting from sugar. Have an extra one for me.

Steve said...

While cruising through some kayak blogs I found yours, and thought your photo looked familiar. Then your profile note about liking Britcoms jogged my memory: your avatar picture looks like Barbara Good (Felicity Kendal) in Good Neighbors.

Very good blog. (And I love Jesus, too!)

SophieMae said...

FC, it really has been nice to stay in one place the past few years. That list didn't take into account the fact that I lived at more than one address in some of those towns. 8-}

CATHY, I ended up giving DS most of my float, since the ice cream was a mound of mush by the time they added the root beer. Oh, well, it was a nice idea. I would have loved living in Clearwater 'back in the day'. My best friend and I spent a LOT of time on the beach and in the theatres downtown... Carib, Capitol and Ritz. (I just aged myself, didn't I? LOL!)

Saddlebag sandwiches in the state park... doesn't get much better, does it?

I love boots, as well, but they're so dawgawn hot! Maybe now that my legs are getting skinny again, I can bring myself to get a pair this winter.

STEVE, anybody who loves JESUS and has a clue who Barbara Good is is OK in my book! 8-] Glad you stopped in!