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14 October 2006

My very own thoughts, believe it or not

Many people think I'm close-minded. That's OK, coz God and I know better and that's all that really counts in the end. Duller and I made a decision 25+ years ago to not celebrate H'ween. Believe it or not, it is my open-mindedness that brought me to this decision.

I grew up in a Methodist church, BTW, so I didn't just go along with the crowd. I studied everything I could find, pro and con, and made up my own mind. I'm sure I've been in church with people who disagree. And yes, I do wish it wasn't so entrenched in our culture. I wish that about quite a few things, actually, but it's a free country, right? I'm not calling the ACLU about every little thing that offends me. If you're breathing, you're gonna be offended. Probably daily. To be perfectly honest, it breaks my heart to see little kids out trick or treating. I'm sure it breaks some mothers' hearts that our home schooled children 'aren't socialized'. And I do believe it should be banned from the public schools, right along with every other religious related activity. A lot of y'all will stridently disagree. That's life in the big city, eh? 8-]

My DS's IQ is 10 points higher than mine and he absorbs everything he reads like a sponge, so home-schooling him his entire school life was a breeze. He hasn't suffered from not joining in this pagan holiday. Yes, it is a pagan holiday, no matter how much sugar-coating goes with it. There are plenty of other opportunities to dress up and play make believe. Not that he would. He's an incurable realist. He does, though, have quite an imagination and we've always enjoyed and encouraged that. He's happy, well-read (in spite of having 'missed out' on Harry Potter), well-rounded and well-liked.

So, for those who think I'm some kind of fanatical religious wacko... well, I'll pray for ya. ;]

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

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