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28 October 2006

Look through any window...

It's been so nice out lately, I've been neglecting all my online activities. When I am online, I have a nice view from my office window. Earlier this year, I planted a rose garden out there. I thought they were all done, but they're blooming again like crazy! The Blue Curls are thinning out, but the Porterweed is still going strong. Since our Butterfly Bush was destroyed by unknown pests we haven't had so many fluttery visitors, but a few still come for the Porterweed, Lantana, Salvia, and Scarlet Morning Glory. Right now, a Gulf Fritillary is nectaring while 2 Buckeyes and a Long-tailed Skipper are getting drunk on the 2-week old papaya. The Cloudless Sulfur is still flitting over the menu, trying to decide. I haven't seen the deer today. They just ignore the barking dog and chow down on the corn and clover. I'm beginning to wonder if we should've put out the corn. Deer like variety and when they're tired of eating what they should, they wander over to my garden. While I don't mind sharing a few leaves here and there, I'm pretty put out over the total destruction of my hibiscus. To be fair, the bunnies may have had a paw in that particular actus reus.

I should post some pictures but that would involve spending more time here and less out there. Maybe later. Meanwhile, check out Floridacracker's blog for some great Flarda nature pics. 8-]

Y'all have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

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