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20 May 2013

Two steps forward...

Who'da thunk, when I fell some 3 +/- months ago, I'd still be dealing with the injuries today? It wasn't even that bad a fall... or so it seemed. I have to say, it's been a miserable few months, with various and sundry related, and sometimes disturbing, symptoms coming and going.

Right now, I'm spending way too much time squirming around, trying to get a position that allows me to type and doesn't hurt. Walking every day; still some good days, some not so good. My psychotic nerve and sacrilegious joint have finally stopped tag teaming me. I can handle one at a time. I think there's some hip flexor issues going on, as well. When I do something, I go whole hog. 8-}

Yesterday, I  thought I had it licked. No pain, to speak of, just some stiffness and  tenderness. Today is the one step back.

On a happier note, spring cleaning is coming along nicely. I confess, I enjoy playing sidewalk supervisor, watching the guys do the actual work. And I'm finally able to let go of some things that should long ago have been hauled out of here. I sold my big, heavy, old, clunky desk and am haunting craigslist in search of a smaller, more feminine version.  Much as I like shabby chic, I am a bit disgusted with the abuse of the term. If it's worn out, beat up, painted ugly, just call it shabby chic and stick a bigger price tag on it. GAD!

Yes, all things considered, life is still pretty dawgawn good. I despair the goings-on in our country, but I know, no matter what, God is still in control, and will always be!

God bless y'all, my dear blogger-world friends!
Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

'Have not I commanded thee? be strong and courageous; be not terrified nor affrighted, for with thee [is] Jehovah thy God in every [place] whither thou goest.' Joshua 1:9 YLT


SwampAngel65 said...

I am in total agreement with you about "shabby chic". Crap is crap no matter what you call it!

I'm sorry to hear about your fall. I took a tumble about 9 months ago and, though it hurt, I though nothing major had happened. BUT ever since then, my left wrist gets a sharp pain through it if I turn it the wrong way or try to lift anything heavy with it. Think I must've had a hairline fracture or something. Anyway, I have a feeling it's a pain I['m going to have to live with :( Good luck with your craigslist hunt!

Aunty Belle said...

Yoo hoo! Jes' a flyby to say howdy, hope youse well enough these days.

Psychotic nerve, heh. Very funny, unless you have the condition.

Be blessed!