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14 May 2011


Well, I let myself fall into the hole again. I try to NOT read comments on controversial posts, coz I know I'm gonna get mad, or sad, or disgusted with the human race...

I happened upon a short article about a man's fight to allow a Confederate flag on FL license plates. A couple of quotes in the article itself made me mad, sad, AND disgusted. Then I just had to read some comments. Which led to reading more comments... and more... *sigh* Seriously, I'm so tired of being maligned for something my ancestors never did. Even if they had, why should I be ostracized and called derogatory names for it? It just amazes me how hateful people can be while calling me a defeated, redneck, backwards, inbred hater.

OK, I just backspaced over a lot of 'facts', coz most of y'all already know all that. Most who don't have their minds made up and don't want to be bothered with facts, anyhow. I just wish I could take pride in my ancestors' commitment to a JUST cause without being compared to a nazi. 8-(


SwampAngel65 said...

AMEN, sister! I feel the same way.

Bill said...

It's amazing how many people believe the war was about slavery, when it was really about states' rights. The propaganda is still in place.

I abhor the idea of slavery, and I'm glad abolition was part of the war's outcome, but I sure would like to find a history book that tells the whole story.