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27 May 2011

Florida Factoid Friday

First built in 1833, relocated in 1852,

into the Gulf of Mexico on 22 October 2005.

Volunteers rebuilt and, again, relocated the structure.

The restored lighthouse reopened in 2008.


Aunty Belle said...


Well, how's ya been? I din't know that about the lighthouse--onliest FLordia lighthouse I knows is at Ponce Inlet an' St. Augustine.

Say, whar' wuz ya readin' on the COnfederate tag issue? Lemme come join yore side of the yak-fest. I ain't the leastest thin-skinned an' will tell a few folks the time of day.

ALl the evidence ya need fer the Just Cause we still love is How Thangs Turned Out. We have huge FED because State's Rights wuz trounced--an that wuz the real goal anyhow--slavery is/wuz the red herring. Centralized control is the name of the bad-folks' game.

Next time ya git in a big jaw on this, whistle, an I will hitch mah skirts an come a runnin'.

Aunty Belle said...


joe said...
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