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09 February 2011

Re the manatee...

SO sorry I didn't get back to those who commented, here and elsewhere, about the manatee excursions! Stuff happens, knowwhutImeanVern?

Anyhow, I have no problem with a person who has a little sense swimming with the manatees, or even touching them. Unfortunately, common sense is extremely UNcommon, hence the laws regarding same. My major problem is how a pack of mow-rons treats the poor critters after shelling out a few bucks to be hauled out amongst 'em, as if their payment grants privileges unseemly. 'Nuff said.

Hope y'all are having a bodacious year. Mine's been pretty crummy so far, hence the even greater than usual dearth of postings. But one day, the sun will shine again, right? And one day, it'll be over 60° again, right?


Sayre said...

Oh, yeah... it'll be above 60 again all too soon...

If you're looking for a silver lining, be grateful you're not up in Minnesota or Iowa or any of those other places tht have been socked in by snowstorm upon snowstorm! Makes even me grateful to be in teh South!

Island Rider said...

Sorry, it's been a rough year for you. It is not a good time to be a government employee in Florida, that's for sure! Praying that things get easier soon.

SophieMae said...

Sayre, I am ever so grateful that I don't live any further north! What a beating they've taken up there!

IR, thanks ever so for your prayers! I'm sorry I haven't let you know I was praying for you while you were so ill. Reckon everybody thinks I fell off the planet. There is a light at the end of the tunnel... we're getting closer... just hope it's not a train! 8-}

Aunty Belle said...

Snicker....sorry, not laughing at ya' Sophie Mae, jes the light in the tunnel--hope it ain't no train neither. Heh.

we may be sharing the same air--I has a dose of "if this gits much tougher...." too.

THas' why keepin' uour chins up right now is practice fer heroic times. Jes' sayin'.

A wee prayer or two fer ya this mornin'.

Sandcastle Momma said...

We've been to Homosassa Springs many times to swim with the manatee.
We're incredibly awed by them and have touched them - they like their bellies rubbed and will swim over to you, roll over and nudge you until you rubbed on them.

The spring head in Homosassa is in the State Park and they have a person who stays in a kayak in the spring watching the people in the water.
They also have a roped off area where swimmers can't go and the manatee can be left alone.

I agree it's vital to protect them but at the same time swimming with them is a magical experience.

SophieMae said...

Aint B, it's such a blessing to pray for each other! Sometimes we just need to remind ourownselves how the story ends.

SCM, I can totally see interacting in a controlled environment like that. It'd be awesome! Sad that people, being people, generally have to have someone stand over them, lest they go all 'lord of the flies'.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...
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