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16 March 2010

Mystery Solved

Well, I thought this one might be more of a challenge, but FC cwacked it quickly. 8-} I'm so thrilled to see the bees hovering over the hog plum blossoms! No more sub-freezing nights! YAY!

As always, click the pic for a larger view.

It's not just the hog plums. All over town, the dogwoods and redbuds are rejoicing in spring's arrival. At first, I thought they were blooming early, but then I realized... it's MARCH! It's just that it usually warms up a lot sooner. That and the ridiculous time change have really messed up my inner clock/calendar this year. Before we know it, wisteia will be winding its wistful way 'wound the winged elm and wax myrtle. 8-}


Sayre said...

I couldn't even hazard a guess. FC's a whiz at this stuff though!

Floridacracker said...

I was not super confident on that one,but nothing ventured ...

SophieMae said...

Sayre, I'm beginning to think he's unstumpable. 8-]

FC, I had a feeling, if anyone could get it, it'd be you.

Aunty Belle said...

Sophie Mae, is it springtime up thar'? Then youse lucky. We's gonna have 40s tonight heah in Central Florida. I mean, gimme a spring break. I has poked a few bean seeds in the dirt, but thangs is soggy and cold.

I love dogwoods...but our crabapples always die after a few years...ain't sure why. But we's been heah 32 years an lost four crabapples. The dogwoods flourish.

The tabebuia is late to burst forth--jes' hope she makes it by Easter as that is jes' so lovely.

Doan fergit to holler at me iffin' youse comin' down this way.