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15 March 2010

Monday Morning Mystery


Rhonda said...

Love the crane photos. My brother sent an email saying the sand hill cranes are migrating through the midwest. Large groups of them are resting in nature reserves along the Missouri river.

Island Rider said...

Just caught the snow. Pretty clever. Remember when you were concerned about Natural Bridge being sold for development. I heard the state bought it. Did they? No clue what your mystery is.

Floridacracker said...

Seems beeish, but you REALLY didn't give us much to work on this time.

SophieMae said...

Rhonda, thanks ever so! the thrill of seeing a herd of cranes flying over never diminishes.

Cathy, reckon I can remove the snow now, lol! YES! I posted, briefly, about the purchase way back when. Here's a news report:

FC, y'all are getting too good. I have to do something to make it harder. Not hard enough, apparently. 8-}