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24 October 2009

Free Fazoli's

I have a printable coupon good for a free small spaghetti entree w/meat or marinara sauce with purchase of a drink. It's good Monday, the 26th, only. Our Fazoli's closed and has been replaced by a bank. (How ironic is that?!) Nearly all my favourite places have closed in this area, which is just another reason I SO want to move back to a more civilized part of Flarda. OK, but that's beside the point. If anyone wants this coupon, let me know and I'll e you the link.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


Aunty Belle said...

Sophie Mae? They's sellin' your town out from under yore feet? What county is ya in?| Go to Alachua--that is, only if yore blood is orange. It is rural enough, but cause of the School more thangs stya in bidness. How's you an' Duller doin' in these worrisome times?

TROLL Y2K said...

Not sure what you consider civilized or where you want move BACK to? Bay area?

Throwdown November 4th!

Sayre said...

I miss Fazoli's... There's a Whataburger where the Tennessee Street one was. I like WB, but Fazoli's made such great submarinos.

SophieMae said...

Aint B, I love Alachua Cty! Hard to imagine we have TWO major schools and bidnesses still can't make it. Actually, my county has nothing. We have to drive to the next, Leon, to find more than WM and McD. We had a Dominos Pizza, but it just closed, as did 2 in the big city. Hard times all round, and the world keeps throwin' those fiery darts, but God always makes a way out. PTL!

Troll, I'd LOVE to move back to my home town, small burg in the Bay area, but I'd be happy in Brooksville. Mainly, I'm tired of freezing. We moved up here, coz it was more like the Flarda we grew up in, but St Joe has ruined that.

Sayre, I was so glad to have Whataburgers when we moved here, but I'm sick of them now. I miss Fazolis and Miami Subs and Picadilly and Trees & Trends and..... I much preferred it, as well, when the students and gummit hoities went home in summer. And before St Joe fell into the greedy paws of the heirs. *sigh*

Aunty Belle said...

We used to admire St. Joe's---Uncle's Uncle worked forestry fer 'em fer years...WHAT happened? Well, fer one thang, they went into the development bidness.

I hope ya do git to Brooksville--cause I will come see ya then!! (I'se constitutionally allergic to Leon county)