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05 June 2009

Florida Factoid Friday

The largest national estuary preserve in America is in Florida at Apalachicola.

It spans 250,000 acres with the largest diversity of reptiles and amphibians in North America.


Meems said...

Great information, Sophie. Love Apalachicola... it's been too long since we've made a trip there.
Meems @ For the Love of Florida

Aunty Belle said...

I'se wif' Meems--been a Coon's Age since we's up thataway, SophieMae.

Love these factoids--Unlce too.

Aunty Belle said...

oh an' readin' back'ards, I seen your drunken food meatball entry--heh, very inventive.

Then I read on the Key Lime Pie Stae Bill---is we the only state wif' a state pie?

An' ya showed us wunnerful pictures of the pie but no recipe fer it???

ChrisC and JonJ said...

We were up there last Labor Day.And we love it up there.

SophieMae said...

Meems, Apalachicola seems like the end of the universe. We're within day trip distance, but don't go there as I'd like.

Aint B, believe it or not, other states have designated 'state pies', as well. Indiana's is the sugar cream pie, Vermont's is apple and Louisiana has an official 'state meat pie', the Natchitoches meat pie.
I posted a Key lime pie recipe here.

CC/JJ, it really is a wondermous place. I need to get a real early start and see if I can catch some action at the docks.