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15 April 2009

Who said it?

We are now in Florida to live and work. We expect to spend the balance of our days here. We have all the money necessary for any reasonable effort to help Florida grow and prosper.

Our business undertaking should be sound, but our primary object should not be the making of money. Through helpful works, let us build up good in this state and make it a better place in which to live. In my last years, I would much rather have the people of Florida say that I helped them and their state than to double the money I now have.


Sayre said...

Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't the Florida Legislature...

CHEF TROLL said...

Alfred Dupont.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

The Seminoles,just before they opened all their casinos?

SophieMae said...

Sayre, safe bet you're right in any state.

Troll, you got it! Back when, for the most part, goils were goils and men were men.

CC&JJ, LOL! Wish I'd thoght of that line! 8-]