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15 April 2009


A quick trip to the refuge yesterday turned into a 3-hour linger. And a quick library upload today turned into a hair-twisting frustration when I couldn't, for love nor money, get the photobucket code to stick. And now I'm having to very slowly type each letter, as there is some weird delay thing going on. So, no more words for now...



PS - I caught another video of a pugilistic towhee, but it's kinda big for us up-dialers. If you have a fast connection, click on the thumbnail. It's just under a minute and quite amusing... though I did feel sorry for the poor bird.

Towhee set-to

Sorry about the music that doesn't exactly fit the theme. I forgot the radio was on. 8-}


ChrisC and JonJ said...

The video is too cute!Guess he showed him!

SophieMae said...

CC/JJ, The poor thing went on like that the whole time that truck was parked there. He'd go at the mirror a while, then work his way across to the other side... back and forth. When the truck left, he moved over to my car and started again. The really funny thing is... we saw the same behavior a couple years ago in the same spot. I couldn't help but wonder if it was the same bird. 8-]

cedrorum said...

We had a mockingbird who did that same thing the towhee was doing when we lived in the first state park I worked at in South Carolina. I eventually had to put socks on the side rearviews while the car was parked to stop him from pooping all over the car. Crazy birds.

SophieMae said...

Cedrorum, they certainly do get territorial this time of year. Much as I laughed at the poor thing, I was worried he'd either wear himself into a stupour or injure himself. So, when he moved over to my car, I promptly shooed him off.