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10 March 2009

Mystery solved

Y'all are getting too good at this! Yep, they're P-cans. Cathy was first, so she gets the brownie button this week. 8-]

I didn't have any extra cash on me when I spotted these, but I'll be back next weekend. Ever shell pecans? Just wrap your fist around two and squeeze. The tricky part is getting the nut out in one piece. Well worth the effort, even if it breaks into bits.

Check out the National Pecan Shellers Association to learn everything you wanted to know about pecans, but were afraid to ask... and some great recipes.


Cathy S. said...

I haven't been working on Mondays the last two weeks, so that is why I can be the early bird for a change!

Graceanne Grateful said...

Oh Wow ! - I should have come online yesterday. I would have known that one ! We had Pecan trees in our yard where I grew up, so I would have recognized those right away. And yes, they are worth the work. I have a couple of Pecan nut crackers and picks though, so its a little easier to open them.
Have a great week in Jesus our Lord.
Graceanne :)

SophieMae said...

Cathy, I wish the state would take up the 4-day work week. Duller never has enough time to do everything on my honey-do list. 8-]

Graceanne, one of my favourite day trip sites is a pecan grove. They're beautiful in any season.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^