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13 March 2009

Florida Factoid Friday

The Territorial Legislative Council chartered Jacksonville on 11 February 1832. The charter provided for a mayor and four aldermen. It empowered the aldermen to repel disease, abate nuisance, regulate wharfage, provide drainage, regulate markets, gauge liquors, tax hawkers, peddlers, taverns and boarding houses and restrain lotteries, tippling houses, gaming houses, houses of ill fame and unseemly theatrical productions, and to suppress riots and disorderly assemblies.

The council must have had high hopes, because the town had nothing much of the above in 1832.


CHEF TROLL said...

Gotta love the language. "Houses of Ill Fame" sounds so much nicer than modern terms like whorehouse or Obama's White House.

jena said...

That's pretty cool. Bet they have more than their share of all by now.

LOL, Chef Troll! Gotta love those euphemisms. :)