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23 January 2009

Florida Factoid Friday

The 17 story Miami Freedom Tower, often referred to as the Ellis Island of the Cuban community, was built in 1925 and served as the headquarters and printing office of the Miami Daily News and Metropolis until 1957. Between 1962 and 1974 the building was used an immigration station for refugees from Cuba. The tower was added to the United States National Register of Historic Places on September 10, 1979.


SwordandSacrifice said...

Hi, awesome sis . . .

Just checking in on my favorite north Florida blog girl.

Always . . . always praying for you and yours.

Graceanne Grateful said...

Very interesting! I don't remember if I ever saw that building.
Though I've been to much of Florida and lived in the Daytona Beach area (Ponce Inlet) for 7 yrs. I haven't been to Miami since the sixties. - Was there in Sept. '64 (Labor Day weekend)when hurricane "Cleo" hit Miami. Oh, what a mess !
Have a great weekend in Jesus. You are so precious.
In HIM who keeps us by HIS grace, G G :)
P.S. I hope Baker will start posting about the pond again one of these days soon.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Great photograph of it, you or somebody must have been up in a plane or helicopter. We have to find a way to preserve and restore those vintage art deco buildings. It's the heart of Miami.

SophieMae said...

Hey Rob! Great to hear from you! I keep up with you as often as possible. I'm trying to do better at commenting, but there just aren't enough days in the week. 8-}

It's been about 10-11 years since I was in the Miami area. Duller was directing some of the clean-up after Georges and Mitch down in the Keys. When did you live in Ponce Inlet?! We lived in that area a while back, as well.

Robert, though I take almost all the pics I post, I can't claim credit for this one. It does stand out, doesn't it? I do hate to see wonderful historic buildings go to wrack and ruin.