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20 November 2008


Remember this?

Well, the state just bought it! Check it out! I'm so tickled it finally happened! Virtual brownies for everybody! 8-]


Cathy S. said...

Well, finally some good news out of Tallahassee. Good for them. Good for us all.

Sayre said...

Thank goodness. I was really hoping they would. Private hands can be a good thing, but look at what happened to River Sink. No one is allowed to go there anymore.

SwampAngel65 said...

YES!!! That makes me SO HAPPY!!! Thanks for sharing!

Graceanne Grateful said...

Halleluyah ! Don't know where it is in Fla. but I'm all for conservation of land and keeping it from so much developement, so I am happy about this too.
Thanks so very much for my award, Sophie. I appreciate it very much and hope to live up to it. Glad you liked my autumn scenes too.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
In JESUS' love, Graceanne :)

cedrorum said...

Always a good thing when things like this happen in our sprawling society.