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23 September 2008

Autumn's Up!

We had a perfectly gorgeous weekend! It was actually cool (read: not scorching) enough to open the windows all day. I was working inside, but couldn't resist taking a lot of breaks to just stand out on the deck and drink in the cool, breezy deliciousness. Toward evening, of course, the humidity got to be a bit much. And the end of the weekend brought the end of the bearability. I tried opening wiindows yesterday, but couldn't stand it more than 20 minutes.

My hot weather flowers are loving it, though. The Scarlet Morning Glories have entangled themselves with another MG of undetermned pedigree.

And the Bat-faced Cupheas are running more rampant than ever.

Still trying to get a really good close-up of these fascinating blossoms.

Out in the wild, one of my favourites, the Horsemint should bloom a while longer before heading for the last roundup.

also this wild hibiscus, Comfortroot, I believe,

and Corn Snakeroot will hopefully perform for a few more weeks.

I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air. -- Nathaniel Hawthorne


cedrorum said...

Great pictures. It is also starting to get cooler and less humid here. Not enough to open our windows yet, but better than a few weeks ago.

SwampAngel65 said...

Send some of that coolness down south, PLEASE!

Those bat-faced thingies are cute! I wonder if they'd grow down here?

Baker Watson said...

Never heard of the Bat-faced Cupheas but it is easy to see where they got their name.

Nice photo's all around.

And that Hawthorne fellow was pretty danged smart wasn't he.

Floridacracker said...

Nice! A gorgeous, fallish morning here made it very tough to actually go to work.

SophieMae said...

Cedrorum, it was SO nice while it lasted. Can't wait for more.

SwampAngel, it's nice at night, but no more open window days so far. You should try the cupheas. They love the sun & heat and hummers love them.

Baker, Hawthorne definitely had the right idea. In fact, I should be out there right now.

FC, I can imagine! LOVE this time of year! Last night was cool and foggy and we all just stood out on the deck and admired it at length. It's like we cocoooned all summer and are just coming to life again.

Meems said...

Me and Nathaniel... ahhh... to be outdoors in the open air... nothing better.

I was up your way this weekend as you suspected. The weather was perfectly wonderful Saturday night (actually made sitting through 4 quarters of football bearable- but don't tell anyone I said that).

All your flowers are still looking so summery and bright.

Love the green snake in the previous post. I had almost forgotten they exist... haven't seen one in years. Lucky you.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

SophieMae said...

Meems, from what I hear, that must've been a really hard game to sit through.

I sure hope this coolness lasts. It's been soooooooooo niiiiiiiiice. 8-}

Marysol said...

I hope the cooler weather lasts for you too. And keep those breathtaking nature photos coming.