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06 November 2007

Playing with pics

There were some very interesting characters at the Fall Festival last weekend. These two were my favourites and I have been having fun time- and colour-adjusting some of the pictures. Please bear with me while I share just a few - oh, yes, these are just a small sampling - with my fellow camera-nut buds. 8-}



Peggy said...

Hi you!!

I like the sepia-toned one best!

I notice that you use the British spelling of "favorite" and "color"--oh my gosh, are you secretly British??? (Not that there's anything wrong with that.. :-)

I do believe I have missed all the roseate spoonbills for this year...sigh...

Floridacracker said...

Leggings and an M1-Garand rifle, was he reenacting an early WWII soldier?
The shots are great!

Meems said...

isn't playing with photos so much fun? i like the 7th one down--with the color flag and the b/w fellow with the hat.

hey- thanks for the post last friday with the links to all the florida happenings. that was a lot of work and i enjoyed reading it even though i didn't get to participate in any of the offerings.

dani813 said...

Just read your comment on the other post. That's a good idea!!! Little time here, little time there. Maybe that's all we need. You would have loved hiking there day before. Caught the sun at a good angle and the muhly grass just glowed!! Great horned owls sleeping in the pines at the lower end. Couple towhee's not many warblers here yet.Love your pics!!!!

rcwbiologist said...

I really like that first one that is lightened. The close up on his face is great. A lot of character there.

SophieMae said...

Peggy, I'll still keep hoping you come across a spoonbill. It could happen!

I've always spelt different. I'm not British, just southron. We all used to spell that way. Rckon I'm a throwback. 8-}

FC, his uniform was from WWI. I think his gig was a military history thing. His campsite sported several flags, including the Cross of Burgundy, Florida's first from 1861 and the Chase Flag. (I'd love to have a Mosely Flag myself.)

Meems, I really like that one, too. I could sit here for hours playing with pics.

I'll be posting more happenings tomorrow. So much to do, so little gas. 8-]

Dani, I SO miss it down there! I'd jump at a chance to move back. I'd be out there wakign a different path every day.

RCWB, I was so tickled with that pic. It was a bit of serendipity. I started out shooting his part in the syrup-making process and the face was just... there. I'll definitely be more aware of faces from now on.