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31 October 2007

Back to reality

Yesterday afternoon, after 10 days with the loaner, I picked up my car. It's amazing how quickly we get spoilt. When I drove off the lot, my first thought was, 'I liked this car? It's awful!' By now, I'm getting used to it and even starting to like it again. Just a little. 8-] But I do kinda miss the power seat adjustment and the great suspension. And it was so quiet, I had to be careful not to grind the starter after sitting for a few minutes. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

I finally got all the antique/classic car pics - and a few of some of the big machines - loaded on PhotoBucket. Duller has been drooling over the 69 Camaro, his idea of the most perfect ride ever made. DS's favourite was the VW bus. For me, it was the 1970 AMX. Or the Studebaker Golden Hawk. Or the Jaguar that was really a VW. Or the Excalibur Phaeton - the real deal, not a kit. Or... or... or...
Pictures from the Florida Forest Festival

On a completely different subject... Peggy, if you're reading today, there were 6 spoonbills at Bottoms Road this afternoon. Just when I was starting to think they'd all moved on. I'll ask DS tomorrow if anyone else has reported any sightings.

Yesterday's highlight, for me, was a clear, if distant, shot at two Northern Harriers. The Harrier is one of my favourite hawks. Like the Belted Kingfishers, they've been nearly impossible to capture. I don't think I've ever seen one sitting still before. It didn't last long, but I managed to snap a few times before they both went back to the hunt.



Steve said...

Harriers must be back in force. On my blog I just mentioned two that I saw last week. They are one of the upper tier birds when it comes to flight control at low altitudes. I like your pictures.

SophieMae said...

Steve, we've been seeing quite a few lately. Mostly females, of course - possibly some young males. We've seen 2 adult males, a rare treat, in the past couple weeks.

The avocet appears to have moved on, but I saw 6 of the spoonbills again Wednesday afternoon.