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29 October 2007

Always get there early

DS tagged along on Saturday when I went down to Perry for the World's Larget Free Fish Fry, etc. When we got there, parking was nigh inpossible, so we thought we'd check out Keaton Beach, then come back.

Not much going on down at the beach. I tried in vain to catch a shot of one of the many Northern Harriers whizzing by. The flock of Black Skimmers was completely inaccessible. We did spot a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker but he was in too big a rush to pose.

By the time we got back, we did manage to find a parking space, but the free fish was all gone. Rats! We walked around, surveying the many vendors who would gladly serve us up a grouper sandwich or a foot-long hot dog or a big ol' funnelcake. It just wasn't the same, though, so we just moseyed on over to the antique car show and the lumberjack competitions.

I really love old cars, so the next hour or so flew by...

I was planning on posting some pics, but it was so hard to choosse just a few. So I'm uploading them to PhotoBucket. For some reason, when I upload several at a time, it says they all loaded, but only one shows up. Uploading one at a time is taking an eternity, so I reckon I'll post that link later.

Meanwhile, here are a few action shots from the axe throwing competition. I SO want to do this. 8-} It was hard to find a good spot out of the firing line. The announcer kept getting in the way of the best shots. If you look closely at the last one, in the upper right corner, you can kinda see the axe flying.

They picked two women from the audience to give it a try. I couldn't help wondering if they were very brave or very stupid to put those things in the hands of amateurs. Each got three tries. The first didn't do so well, but the second actually got one in the target, earning a decent 4 out of 5 points. I'm thinking I'll get myself a hatchet and start practicing. I used to be a fair shot with bow and arrow and I'm pretty good with a rifle. I can do this, right? 8-]

Next year, I'm definitely getting there early. I didn't mind quite so much missing the fish, but I would have liked to have seen the log-rolling competition. Hmmm... wonder if they do this anywhere else around here...

As we headed for home, just west of Perry, we spotted this beautiful migrant. The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher is a rare treat, so this really made our day. Hope y'all all had as great a weekend. 8-]



Meems said...

love the scissor-tailed... a rare sight indeed... do you think it might have been on its way to the keys and taking a little rest along the way?

old cars don't grab my fancy but the color red surely does. that one is a beaut.

i suppose hatchet throwing practice could get interesting... could certainly take care of some frustrations along the way. :-)

SophieMae said...

Meems, I think they keep going on down to Mexico and South Amnerica. They're such pretty little birds. Just one more reason to love this time of year. 8-]

Yeah, I think throwing a hatchet would release a lot of tension. Duller says it's cool with him as long as I don't throw anything his way. *heh*

Floridacracker said...

Sounds like a fun day! Pretty amazing to see that flycatcher. Definitely worth the ride.

SophieMae said...

FC, yep, the flycatcher in itself was worth the trip. I enjoyed the forest thing more than I thought I would, considering I didn't get my fish fix. 8-}