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24 September 2007

Wings on the Mound

Early yesterday, I decided it had been far too long since I visited Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park. And since admission was free, I couldn't think of any reason not to. 8-]

We don't know for sure why the Lake Jackson people built these mounds. They were probably the sites of temples or the chief's residence. Some important community members were buried through the floors of temple mound buildings. The lower portions of some mounds were originally used as middens (trash piles).

(I down-sized the pics to reduce loading time.)
I was amazed at the number of Zebra Longwings that were fluttering about the flower-covered mounds. I think most of the flowers were Bear-s-foot, AKA Yellow Leafcup, and Spanish Needles. The longwings seemed to be more interested in chasing each other about than posing.

There were also dozens of Gulf Fritillaries and quite a few Carolina Satyrs.

Carolina Satyr

I'll try to post a few more pictures tomorrow. Blogger is being finicky again and won't let me load anymore tonight.

If you're in FL, be sure to visit the state parks during September. Just bring your library card or a book to donate or write in the name of the book you're currently reading for free admission.


Susan said...

Hi Sophie Mae, I just received my issue of Florida Gardening magazine and discovered that the editor had edited out some of the blogs I originally included in the article. Unfortunately, yours was one of them, as well as Pure Florida. I was heart sick when I made the discovery because both of you have such excellent information on Florida wildlife, and I thought that your perspective as a native was very important. Please accept my apologies, as I had no idea that some blogs were edited out (in an effort to shorten the article and have it fit on one page). Florida gardeners really missed out. I am planning on featuring both you and Pure Florida on my Central Florida Gardener blog. Again, my apologies.

SophieMae said...

Susan, bless your heart! Thanks ever so for letting us know. I have a dear friend who is an actress, so I'm fairly familiar with the frustration of the 'cutting room floor'. I'm truly honoured to have been considered in the same list as Pure Florida to start with. 8-]

Meems said...

sophie: you are having some wonderful opportunities at the state parks... and capturing some great snaps. i have seen numerous longwings in my garden but haven't yet been able to photograph even one. i'll keep trying-- but in the meantime i am enjoying yours! looking forward to more pics.

SophieMae said...

Meems, I had to chase those Zebras around quite a while for a few long shots. Even when they landed, they didn't stay put more than a few seconds. I thought about going to Maclay Gardens, but there won't be much to see there right now. And the Maclay House is closed for renovations. I've noticed several parks aren't up to their full regular function this month. Nice timing, huh? 8-}