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27 September 2007

More from the Mounds

Years ago, when I first visited Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park, there were no stairs. We climbed the mounds and often found a young couple picnicking up top. These days, you're not allowed to walk around on the mounds. Wooden steps lead up to a viewing platform. This is what the former ideal picnic spot looks like now.

All sorts of flying creatures were enjoying the dense carpet of wildflowers.

I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen any Florida Elephant's-foot (Elephantopus elatus) this year. At the base of the stairs, I spotted this one.

I'm hoping to get back to this park before the month's end. I spent so much time chasing butterflies and snapping flowers, I didn't get to walk the trail. As I recall, there was once an antebellum cotton plantation at this site and the trail takes you past the remains of a grist mill dam.

Next week, I hope to get over to (fee-free) Letchworth-Love Mounds near Lake Miccosukee. It's the site of the highest - 46 feet - Indian mound in Florida. I hear the park service has been 'improving' it since my last visit. But first, with only a few days left to take advantage of free admission month, I'm thinking maybe I should check out Wakulla Springs while most of the swimmers are in school.

I hope y'all are enjoying the parks in your areas. And don't forget to add an annual pass to your Christmas list so you can go more often next year. Take lots of pictures. Maybe you'll win a 2-night stay at your favourite park. 8-]


Hurricane Teen said...

I loooove indian mounds...especially the ones that are just out in the woods where nobody sees them. I don't like to see them "improved" like this.
Ugh I need to leave for school.

FRED '08!!

SophieMae said...

H-Teen, that's exactly what Letchworth was like last time I was there. Hardly anybody wanted to go there, which suited me just fine. Now it's all boardwalks and picnic pavilions. UGH!

Meems said...

i like your photos and your commentary. the lady bug almost looks fake --it is so shiny and clear. great job!

SophieMae said...

Meems, isn't she a cutie? I chased her up and down that flower stalk. She must have had a few extra cups of coffee that morning. LOL!