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18 September 2007

Temporary defeat

After two unsuccessful attempts to upload pictures, I'm calling it a night. Maybe blogger will be in a more receptive mood when the sun is shining. Meanwhile, here's a nice treat for my fellow birdbrains. The Wekiva Basin Banding Station site has lots of AbFab close-ups of some beautiful birds. Enjoy!

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


SwampAngel65 said...

Thanks for posting that link. Some pretty neat pics! Love the flying squirrels! How cool to be able to see all those creatures up close. Looks like a special place to volunteer at...wish it were closer to my home!

SophieMae said...

SwampAngel, you and me both. I lose track of time looking through all those great pictures. The squirrels sure are thriving out there. I don't think I've ever seen a flying squirrel. I'll have to add that to my most wanted (to see in FL) list, along with beaver and chipmunk.