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19 September 2007

Bald Point

With the usual one thing after another delaying my posting pics from our trip, I'm just going to move along. I'll try to upload an album of some of the highlights sometime soonly. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

It's been a little while since I've visited Bald Point State Park. Now that I'm just about over the miserable cold that cancelled my weekend, I just had to get out this morning. The weather was nearly perfect. We've finally broken the 70 barrier - high 60s several early mornings - and the state parks are offering free admission this month.

It was great to be out and about. And I finally nailed my nemesis bird. Well, I would have liked a closer shot, but he did graciously pose for about 5 minutes. Up to now, every Belted Kingfisher that was close enough for a reasonably recognizable rendering has fled the second he realized I was packing a camera.

Thankfully, there were only a few tabanids and they didn't hang around too long. The lovebugs are making up for their scarcity earlier this year. But I'm convinced the Gulf Fritillaries outnumered them. I spotted a (camera-inaccessible) patch of Spanish needles that was fairly blanketed with orange and silver. I did catch this one partaking of Pink Purslane.

This is one of my favourite shots of the day. You almost can't tell where the fritillary ends and the Scarlet Calamint (Calamintha coccinea) begins.

This Osprey was looking for a place to settle and enjoy his breakfast. When he chose this snag, I quickly parked and made my way out to the rest room area for a closer shot. Even leaning against a post, the wind made it impossible to hold the camera steady. (Gotta love that image stabilization!) Apparently, he preferred to dine in private. After a couple of dirty looks he picked up his fish and left.

On the way out, we spotted 2 young men kite surfing. It looks like great fun! If I were ** years younger... They kept doing their flips out of camera range, the boogers.

Tune in again tomorrow to see the guard at Alligator Point's new development and a quick peek behind the scenes at a Palm Beach fashion show.


Peggy said...

WOW!! Super belted kingfisher photo!! I know exactly how hard they are to photograph--speediest birds around! And they never stay in one place for more than a few seconds! Good going!


Meems said...

thanks for the link in yesterday's post... i found all the bird photos a delight.

looks like bald point is a great park. florida has so many wonderful state parks. i know i don't get out to them often enough. your photos inspire me to think about making some trips to the ones close by.

we haven't reached the 60's here yet but the last two mornings there was a teensy-weensy change in the air to the mid 70's which is a more-than-welcome relief. besides it means change is on the way... woo-hoo.

loved all your photos, especially the butterflies and then the kingfisher was something also fabulous. congrats on nailing it.

SwampAngel65 said...

Nice pic of the Kingfisher. I see them alot down here, but I've never tried to take a pic of one. Learning from your experience, I believe if I do try, I'll hide my camera from them!

I like the butterfly shots, too! Very nice.

Kite surfing looks like such a blast! At Matheson Hammock, those guys are out almost everyday that there's wind. I love to watch them. Wish I had the guts to try it once...

I posted a comment on the ird banding site, but for some reason, it didn't take. That looks like such a really cool place to volunteer in. Wish we had something like that around here because I would gladly offer some of my time. Just to be able to see some of the creatures up close like!

Floridacracker said...

60's here too this am.
Good job on the KFisher. Definitely a skittish bird.

Steve said...

Nice merging of color and form on the butterfly/flower pic, Sophie. It makes me miss my camera!

SophieMae said...

Peggy, thanks ever so! I really love those little guys, even though they scold me every time I chase them off. 8-]

Meems, you really should take advantage of the free admission and visit some of those parks this month!

SwampAngel, Grebes have the same camera phobia as the kingfishers. Or maybe it's just MY camera. LOL! I keep thinking I'll just go out there and kite surf, but then I remember I'm not quite as flexible as I used to be.

FC, I am SO loving this cooler weather! I hope it lasts a good long while so I can get out to more state parks while the price is right.

Steve, bless your heart, is there a new camera in your near future? I'd go nuts without one. I'm still patiently waiting for the new Fuji to come out.

Sharon said...

Those are wonderful!! :)