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20 July 2007

Recipe request

For those who asked... here's a basic recipe for chicken souvlaki. I used the hurried cook's method and didn't marinate or grill. Just cut up the chicken, threw it in a hot pan with a bit of EVOO, then grated in a garlic clove and a bit of lemon zest, tossed in a bit of oregano and a tad of rosemary and cooked till doneness was achieved. It was excellent!

Chicken Souvlaki
Chicken breasts
Fresh minced garlic
dried oregano
olive oil
Cut chicken breasts into 1 inch cubes
Place on wooden Skewers that have been soaked in water
(prevents sticks from burning.. or on metal skewers.
Rub with fresh minced garlic and dried oregano
Squeeze fresh lemons over chicken and some olive oil
Salt and pepper
Marinate for up to 1 hour. If marinating longer do not add
lemon juice until the last hour. Lemon juice "cooks" the flesh and changes the
Place on hot grill and turn often until done. Serve with
Greek salad and rice.
NOTE: This recipe works well with Pork or Lamb

I've read dozens of recipes for the 'sicky' (tzataiki) sauce. I just started with plain yogurt (still haven't been able to find Greek yogurt around here), sprinkled in a healthy helping of dill, chopped and squeezed cucumber bits, a dash of red wine vinegar, some fresh grated garlic, a smidge of lemon zest and a nip of EVOO. (OK, I forgot the EVOO, but it was still delicious.)

If you 're more comfortable with a structured recipe, try this one. Anghelika's tzatziki.

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


Meems said...

mmmm... you are tempting me to take a little ride over to tarpon springs for some really good food.

i will definitely have to give this recipe a try even though i've never thought too much about cooking greek. this one looks easy enough and who knows i might do okay with it.

hubby and i went to a bonafide greek wedding a few weeks ago and had loads of fun. with the authentic greek band playing great music--we just acted like we were family in the greek line dances.

Floridacracker said...

There ya go with another acronymn :)

I figured EVOO out all on my own.
I'm so proud.

That recipe sounds great.

SophieMae said...

Meems, I'm so jealous of your proximity to Tarpon! Souvlaki is amazingly easy and sooooooooooo delicious!

What could be more fun than a Greek wedding! OPAH!

FC, WTG! ;) I forgot you don't know from Rachael Ray. EVOO, which is now in the dictionary, is her claim to fame.