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26 July 2007


One thing I really like about Windows Vista is how easy it is to tag and title all my old photos. Yes, I'm still going through the last 3 years' snaps and enjoying every minute. So many wonderful moments that had been shoved back into a dark corner of my mind have been dusted off and relived and brought joy all over again.

I do wish I had some pictures of my best friend from high school. All the kayaking blogs I've been reading have called to mind our days on the Gulf in her little rowboat. We lived on neighbouring streets on a peaceful bayou and spent virtually every spare moment in or on the water. If we weren't rowing all over the bayou, fishing and swimming, leaving all our cares back on dry land, we were at the beach or sunbathing in her back yard. We made a great team, coz, though she owned the boat, she hated to row. I couldn't get enough rowing, myownself. We had some grand times and I wish I knew where she was right now. I did get to spend a little time with her a few years ago, when we ended up living near each other. But she got married and moved to Tampa, and I moved elsewhere. We kept in touch briefly, but she had some major - and seemingly dangerous - problems with her DH's ex and soon slipped quietly out of my life. I think she was trying very hard to keep as low a profile as possible and had to pretty much take herself off as many radar screens as possible. I do wish I could find her and know that she's OK.

I know, I'm wandering again. And I need to get off the puter and put in some real-world time this afternoon. I'll just quickly share a glimpse of a couple of last year's memories and catch y'all later. 8-]

Mute Swan in Lakeland
Red-bellied Woodpecker in Tallahassee


Steve said...

I hope you and your friend can reunite in a favorable way.

And thank you so much for linking my blog to yours! That was very nice of you. I'd like to do the same with yours.

SophieMae said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SophieMae said...

Thanks ever so, Steve!
I actually added the link a while back, but it was buried way down on the page. Moving it up was well overdue. 8-]

Have a great weekend! And may God bless! ^i^