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07 November 2013

Oh dear, oh deer!

Momma and her young'un came back yesterday evening. I didn't want to scare them, so I snapped a few pics through the kitchen windows. The screens made this a challenging undertaking, to say the least. Anyhow, the little one was quite cooperative.

Then, what to my wondering eyes did appear
But another speckledy, spotted young deer!

I was beside myself with delight! I so wanted to run out on the deck for better shots, but I really want them to feel safe here. When they meandered down to the road, a man in a pickup spotted them and stopped for a minute. I hope it wasn't a hunter. Don't get me wrong... I have nothing against hunters or hunting, as long as it isn't entirely for sport. But this little patch of woods is a refuge for all creatures great and small. (Except for creepy rodents and crawly roaches. I don't have no truck with those kinda vermin.)


Aunty Belle said...

Hey hey, thanky fer yore comment on the pitch. Hope youse Doin' fine.

Anonymous said...

Sophie, I am fine! still roaming around???been in Rome two weeks on bidness???journalists from the hinterlands git themselves a good assignment onc't in awhile.

Hope youse swell, loving life and Jesus!