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23 February 2013

One door closes...

Well, I keep thinking I should come back here and see can I get a fresh start. This seems as good a time as any. It's been a hard year so far. Life, as Miss Edye always said, be so daily. I was typing a comment on a dear friend's blog when I realized it was becoming quite lengthy. So I copied/pasted it and elaborated here.

We had to deal with the realities of an agin', arthritic, luxatious dawg for a couple weeks before facin' that final decision for her. It were a sad, sad day. An' each day since has been rife wi' moments when we catch ourownselves in now needless habits created entirely as a result of her presence. Ever' time I pull out a tea bag, I think, 'No need to muffle the clinkin' glass no more, Sophie'... She was convinced that every glass against glass tinkle was her treat canister - though it had been years since we kept them in there - and she was long overdue for one. After all, it had been a good 5 minutes since her last one.

Duller, the light of her life - and that was completely mutual - was blessed/burdened with escortin' her to the vet's office. It was bittersweet. Her meds had helped her walk out on her own power. She did hate bein' carried outdoors to 'do her bidness'. Except for being unable to keep her food down, she seemed almost her old happy self again. So much so, we almost doubted our decision. But we all knew this wouldn't last and she would, likely tomorrow, have to be carried again. This was the right time. She had regained her dignity. It would have been cruel to take that away from her.

So, on the morning of 9 February, she lay in our grass for the last time. Her red eyes had cleared and that little doggie 'smile' graced her sweet face once more. We said goodbye and she wagged and licked, knowing she was 'goin' to see the other doggies at the animal hospital'. The vet's staff all loved Josie and always marvelled at how good her teeth were and how young she looked for a 13-year-old dawg. And were amazed that she actually looked forward to her visits with them. The vet, who had been so matter-of-fact the day before, bawled herownself when it came down to it.

I've loved and lost before, so I know we will survive this heartache. I also know that, 13 years from now, I'll reach for that glass canister one day and think, 'No need to muffle the clinkin' glass no more, Sophie'.

 Yes, I love you. No, I will not share my bone!


Aunty Belle said...

Oh no! Aw, Sophie Mae, tha's a shame. Real real sorry fer yore loss, an' my condolences to Duller. Josie had a good thang, though, fer 13years...folks like y'all is a dawg's dream.

We's right now in midst of same woes wif a beloved clan dawg...he is rack thin, Cain't keep his vittles...but still fetches and loves on all his folks...purely heartbreak in' as ya know.

So happy to see ya postin' again! an' yore new avatar is a perfect fit--PERFECT. : )

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Oh SophieMae, I'm sorry. I know it's hard and no time every seems like a good time really. We had to put our 15 year old lab down a few years ago and it was very hard.
Sending hugs to you my friend!

Island Rider said...

I am so sorry. One of the hardest choices we humans have to make. How wise to chose to let her go out with dignity instead of your own heart's desire to keep her around a few days longer.

So glad to see you back blogging again even if a sad time propelled you back.

SophieMae said...

Aint B, I never would've imagined how hard it was. Hope your pup doesn't have too hard a time of it.

Island Rider, I told Duller I don't ever want to have to do this again. It's too much responsibility for a mere mortal.

Kim, thanks ever so for the hugs! I truly have needed them lately! 8-}

All y'all. So sorry it took me so long to respond. We had three straight days of thunderation and my fall a week or so ago had some delayed consequences. My back and neck have been giving me fits, but looks like they might be improving now, slowly but surely. *sigh*

SwampAngel65 said...

Our old girl, Indy, passed on almost 2 years ago now, I was so hard, but she died at home with my oldest and me by her side. As usual, whenever any of our beloved creatures need a vet the worst, it's always on a Sunday night around we made her comfortable and just sat with her and told her it was ok to go and that she'd best be waitin' for us when we cross over. It's so dang hard to lose one of our furry family members. My heart goes out to you and Duller.