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17 January 2011

Winter of our discontent

This has been one bodacious winter, particularly for someone with multi-generationally thinned blood who tends to hibernate whenever temps get below 50. Here's hoping the worst is over and I can crawl out of my cave and bask in the sunshine again. Not that there's any sunshine in which to bask today.

Not much new going on in our little patch of forest. I don't make resolutions, but I have determined to get on with commencin' to start to get ready to prepare for thinkin' about maybe adding a little more active activities to my days. My brand new, as yet 'unrid' bicycle is gleaming at me, longing for a non-frigid, non-rainy, non-peekid day to hit the pavement. Soon, Bikey, soon. The mini-tramp has been seeing more of me, as have the light weights. I still can't get to the treadmill, but the path is beginning to open up.
We have been noticing an occasional ammonia-like odour in the bedroom. I finally MADE Duller drag out the big turns-the-dark-to-daylight flashlight and peer under the house last night. As I suspected, a cat has made his/herownself at home under there. Not EVEN wanting a repeat of last year's kitten escapade, we are taking measures to make its new home as unattractive as possible. Aluminum foil on the back step really did keep them off a few months back, so we might start out with a giant tin foil hat. 8-} My first thought, of course, is to call Dobie for a Day. Sorry, cat lovers, but I like them less and less every time some dropped off unwanted pet drags cat fleas into our yard. (And I thought I couldn't possibly like them less).

Today's outstanding Groupons:
*Orlando:Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
*Gainesville/Ocala/Pt. Charlotte/Naples: Earth Origins Market
*Dunnellon: Dunnellon's Florist
*Jacksonville: Matthew's Restaurant


Floridacracker said...

Hey nice bike! Good luck getting rid of that cat.
P. U.

Elizabeth said...

Very nice bike! We have a squirrel under our house we cannot get rid of he wakes us up at night scratching trying to get insidechrouts.

SophieMae said...

Thanks, y'all! The bike is even better-looking in real life. 8-]

FC, indeed! I do have some seriously malicious ideas, but reckon I'll save them for last resort.

Elizabeth, wish I had some helpful hints for evicting squirrels. I've heard mothballs will run out some critters. Wonder if they hate walking on foil, as well.