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25 January 2011

Old dog, new tricks? How to Netflix?

OK, so I'm about convinced to give Netflix a try. But I'm totally confused about how to set it up. I mean, if I hook something up to my current DSL modem/router/whatever it is, which has maddening issues when it rains... or gets real cold... or a squirrel chews a wire, am I going to get cut off in the middle of a movie? If I do a separate dealie, will there be conflicts? Why do the all the streamers have to be so expensive?! I don't have a Wii or Blu-ray or X-box or any other handy dandy black box. We don't do any of that stuff. So I shell out $75-$100 (or more) just to receive the Netflix stream? I mean, what if I do the free trial and decide it's not for me, after all? I now have a $100 black box to collect dust, and it doesn't even have any redeeming decorative qualities.

Once I get it, IF I get it, how do I hook it up? So far, all the 'instructional' pages I've found are quite obviously aimed at someone who has a clue to begin with. I don't. It's actually pretty discouraging and I've just about lost the will, knowwhutImeanVern?

Anyhow, have any of y'all tried Netflix? Will I love it? I do like the thought of being able to watch Monk whenever I'm in the mood. And I'd certainly enjoy seeing Pushing Daisies and Beakman's World again. It's the little black box and the intimidation factor that cause pause. So, who wants to come over and set it all up while I go to Applebee's? 8-}


Sayre said...

I came close to signing up and then they decided to phase out the mailed DVDs (and charge more for it to boot). Changed my mind. My TV doesn't do internet and I'm not interested in hooking up yet another box to it.

Elizabeth said...

I tried the 7 day trial and could not find any movies I wanted! So I cancelled it!

SophieMae said...

Sayre, I thought they still did the DVD thing, only they do charge an extra $2 a month.

Elizabeth, I think Duller would find some. I did see they stream Arsenic and Old Lace and maybe a few other oldies I like, but most seem to be on DVD.

Sayre said...

I heard a story on the radio that Netflix was trying to move away from the DVD mailing and get customers to do the internet streaming version instead. Personally, I don't feel comfortable having internet plugged into every device I own at home!!! They do still do the DVDs, but I dont' know how long that will last.