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14 December 2010

Gainesville Groupon - $5 gets you $10

I promise this blog is not turning into a deals promo! But after several days of not-for-me offers, today's deal is right up my alley. Next time I'm in Gator territory, this'll be a nice change from drive-thru burgers! That's another thing I love about Groupon. The deals don't expire quickly. This one is good till 15 June 2011! Some are good for a year!

The link should take you to a drop-down menu where you can choose your city. You have until midnight tonight to snag this deal.

OH, and if you happen to be closer to the Tampa Bay Area, you can get $20 Worth of Barbecue Fare and Drinks at Luckie B's Bar-B-Que for $10! Naples neighbours get 30 days at Fat2Fit Boot camp, a $287 value, for $40! Jacksonville... $9 for a 90-minute Okefenokee Swamp tour! In Fort Lauderdale, you can pig out at Skyline Chili for 1/2 price! Not in Flarda? Look for your city in the drop-down menu.

Disclaimer: Yes, I get a little bonus for each person who uses my link to sign up. 8-}

1 comment:

Aunty Belle said...

look fer some in central florida then come down heah an we can go chat....