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14 November 2010

I'm still alive

Good gravy! Hard to believe it's been exactly TWO MONTHS since I posted here. It's been a weird, weird season in my life. Seems like one thing after another has been hitting me and I just got tired. Mostly little niggling minor health problems - odd things that nobody warns you will happen to your body as it ages matures. But GOD has carried me through them all and I am persuaded HE is going to do the same with the latest. This one has hit me hardest, as it concerns my eyes, but I am seeing (HAHA!) gradual improvement and holding on to HIS promises. In this instant gratification world, waiting can seem intolerable, but I reckon it's a good thing to be slowed down now and then. Anyhow, I am still alive and praying things will soonly be back to some semblance of normalcy. And that I can mentally adjust to these physical changes. Most are really minor things, but when they all start happening at once, it can be a bit disconcerting, knowwhutImeanVern? Aaaannnnyyyhooooo, please pray for me if I cross your mind. It's tough times in many ways. But, ya know what, it's actually getting easier to praise GOD through the circumstances. Comes from getting lots of practice, eh? 8-]

Love y'all loads! Here's hoping Thanksgiving will truly be a day to give thanks for complete healing and deliverance. Meanwhile, I'd love to share with y'all one of my favourite (and so appropriate) songs ever. Get up and dance!


Floridacracker said...

I was worried about you, but so many people drop off in to Facebook land that I considered you might have done the same.

Sorry to hear about the physical challenges, but I'm glad you are back and adjusting.

Island Rider said...

Good to hear from you. Sorry about your eyes (and the other parts giving you trouble). I will pray for you.

Native Mom said...

Welcome back! Many of us have been a little lax in blogging lately. Must be something in the "season." Sorry to hear about your health. I guess I should stop complaining about a cold that just won't seem to go away. Will be sending good thoughts your way.

Marlene said...

Sorry to hear about health issues, I've had many of those lately myself, and my husband. I sure know about bodies wearing out. Ugh! Sending good thoughts your way.