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10 May 2010

Stuck in the middle ages

It's amazing how quickly a human can adapt. I've been borrowing computer time for a couple weeks and it just seems so normal. Honestly, I don't miss it as much as I expected. I do miss y'all, really, but not the overall computer usage. Maybe God's trying to tell me it's time to replace Monday Morning Mystery. Or maybe I just needed a break.

The other day, I went cemetery hopping in Suwannee County. I found a few family members' sites at one, nothing at the next. When I got home, I discovered it was the wrong cemetery. I had driven past the road to the right one. So now I have a really good excuse to go back soonly. 8-}

It's been really great to get back into digging my roots. I've gotten back to early 1700s in the US and early 1500s in England. And I've learned that my g-g-g-g-g-g grandfather's nephew (sister's son) was Thomas McKean. Now there's a little mystery for y'all. Anybody know who he was?


Sayre said...

I think everyone needs a break from the computer sometimes. Sometimes longer than others.

Since I have to work with one, it's hard for me to get away from it...

JC said...

I agree that everyone needs a break from the computer at some point.

As for who Thomas McKean was; if my memory serves me right, he served as Governor of Pennsylvania. I think he may have signed the Declaration of Independence as well...I think. Gosh I miss my memory!

SophieMae said...

Sayre, I'm so glad I don't have to actually work on one very day. Thank God for weekends! 8-]

JC, you're right! Far too few people have a clue about our true history. I miss my memory, as well... wonder if its with the socks that ran away... 8-}

JC said...

When/if you find signs of your memory, let me know because mine could be hiding out in the same place. ;-)