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09 February 2010

Mystery Solved

Great guesses, y'all! Nobody was stumped as to its avianicious nature. KellyRae correctly narrowed it down to Sandhill Crane. These were just outside Barberville in Volusia County... just east of Ocala National Forest. Look up to see some of their craney cronies. You'll notice, while a pair is grazing, one is always keeping lookout.

FYI: A group of cranes is called a herd, siege or sedge.


Rhonda Carrier said...

Could I leave you a mystery? Do you know what these ducks are?

thanks for any ideas you might have.

Rhonda Carrier said...

Thank-you for your help in identifying the ducks. I didn't think about them being domestic.

Don't you love the sand hill cranes? We see them often when in The Villages.