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07 January 2010

Where AM I?!

I live in Florida, right? So how is it that at 7PM, it was 32.5°?! So much for global warming. I am SO over winter already.

Did you ever look in the mirror and laugh? After a couple days in hibernation, and one browser blip after another, it doesn't take much. I think it's time I took a shower, brushed my hair and went out into the world for a few hours.

PS - Know what else was funny? The sign behind me says 'beware of dragon flies'.


The Real Me! said...

Oh that's funny my friend. Too funny. Is this a Thursday Morning Mystery? LOL!
Love ya.

Floridacracker said...

Hibernation hair?
If you are going out, you'd better go before the roads ice up.
Seems weird to say that in Florida doesn't it?

BParrish said...

I know! I know! It's the elusive 'sophiemaeticus femalius homosapien" in her winter foilage.

BParrish said...

I finally got one right.

SophieMae said...

Kim, wish I'd thought of that, lol!

FC, I've heard we're warming up tonight. All the way to 34°... and rain. Weird, indeed.

BP, you win the brownie button, lol!