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11 January 2010

Mystery Solved

Aw, y'all are too good. Idano how all you Flarda people even recognize such a thing as ice under a dripping faucet. This was taken around 5.30PM! What's wrong with that picture?!

Even the pokeweed we couldn't kill if we tried - and the meter reader tried for 10 years - succumbed.

The blackberries, on the other hand, remain unscathed.

Update: Another 24 hours and it shows no sign of diminishing at all. In fact, I'm pretty sure there are icicles out there on a broken twig that have lasted nearly a week.


Sayre said...

Don't count that darned pokeweed out yet. It may take a lot more than ice to kill it!

We had a burst pipe going out to the hot tub (which we haven't used in two years, so we forgot about it).

SophieMae said...

SAYRE, DS was just saying the same thing. It looks awful pitiful, but it might just come back again.

Bummer about that pipe! My biggest worry was the well, but Duller wrapped it up tight and put a light out there for a little extra heat. So far, so good.

Aunty Belle said...

Now's the time to hit that pokeweed wif a big dose of salt--kill its roots!

Hope youse bundled up!!

SophieMae said...

Aint B, I'll have to sneak out there with the salt, coz Duller and DS kinda like that ol' plant.