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03 January 2010

Entering the 21st century

Well, it took me 10 years, but I finally made it. On 31 December, I hooked myownself up to DSL. I gotta tell y'all, it's a love-hate relationship so far. At first, it was pretty fast, Then, yesterday, it got slower and slower until it was worse than dial-up! Duller finally called tech support and the guy ended up telling us to unplug every phone in the house, then plug them back in, one at a time. The last one was the culprit. Apparently, there's something wonky in that jack, coz it was kinda like speeding down the autobahn and pulling the emergency brake. The engine was revving to beat the band, but the car wasn't going anywhere. OK, no phone in the family room till it gets fixed. WAHOO! The speed was back and I was zipping along with the rest of the Jetson world. When I had to tear myself away to run some errands, Duller decided to give it a whirl. After a while, he called and said he couldn't get anywhere. The browser refused to display any pages. (This was on the desktop on which I had finally downloaded 57 Windows updates that were collecting for about 2 years). DS finally stepped in and did... er... something and got it working. This afternoon, it pulled the same thing on me. DS tried, but it didn't work this time. I finally did a system restore - back to pre-updates - and now it's working again... BUT - there has to be a but - I can't get Norton to uninstall. I keep downloading their removal tool, saving it to the desktop, but it's not there. Tried just running it and nothing happened... just showed the loading progress box, finished and poufe. Oh, and the connection keeps jumping to local only (as opposed to local and internet). Techie says it's likely a bad card in the desktop... or maybe a virus. *sigh* Right now, I'm running CenturyLink's virus scanner. Looks like I'll have to take it to an expert to get rid of the Norton remnants. I did the same procedure on my laptop and it went like clockwork. Then again, I hadn't tried to uninstall it via add/remove programs first.

Am I having fun yet?!

On the plus side, it no longer takes me an hour to download an mp3 file. And I don't have to go to the lie-berry, which is closed Sundays and Mondays, to view little veejo clips. The first one I saw, BTW, was such a hoot! Check it out here, at the end of the post. And I actually read every couponing/money-saving blog in my list in ONE DAY! WOOHOO!

OK, looks like it just can't be all roses and no thorns. Now I'm trying to print two steenkin' coupons and it says thank you for printing, but nothing happened. Did a test print and the printer worked, but won't print my Betty Crockers. Methinks it's their overzealous security program. Never a dull moment! I'll be seein' y'all soon as I get the kinks out. 8-]

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

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