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21 December 2009

Mystery solved


Yep, Sayre guessed it right away. Getting mighty hard to stump y'all.
Harder yet, these days, to get out with my camera.
Too many birthdays within a week of Christmas and New Years.
Be blessed throughout the holiday season...
and remember the reason. 8-]


Sayre said...

Oh, I can guess Santa... but those other things you put up - you stump me more often than not!

Have a good Christmas!

Aunty Belle said...


Is yore DSL in yet? hoo-baby youse gonna be rockin' wif' that.

Wishin' ya an Duller a blessed 2010!!

( an fer Pete's sake, iffin' ya git down this way again --since ya recognized whar' I was window shoppin' a few Porch posts back--please come to mah blog an' tell me youse headed this way so we can meet up--wouldn't that be fun?)