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16 December 2009

Mystery solved

Y'all were right again!

I meant to post this much earlier, but when I got back from my free taquito run, a fire truck was blocking my driveway. When you live in a forest, this is not a good thing! I could see the house and there were no flames, so I figured we were OK. Turned out, some power lines were down and there was only one power truck available in this area. So the fire department helped out by blocking the road for a few hours. Typically, I had a trunkload of frozen groceries. >:\

Shortly after power was restored - ice cream was soft, but not liquified, whew! - I had to go back to the city to pick up Duller, whose car is overnighting at the shop. Then I had to bake brownie-stuffed peanut butter cookies and watch The Perfect Gift a couple more times. Before I knew it, another day had come and gone and... well, 'tis the season, after all. 8-}

1 comment:

Kathy C. said...

WHAT? You name off brownie-stuffed peanut butter cookies without linking to the recipe?????????? HEY! What about us choco freaks here who want to actually TASTE these? :)
I haven't seen The Perfect Gift, I am not going to ask if it's good, because if you're watching more than once it must be! :)