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03 December 2009

Mystery solved

Ah, 'tis the season... to forgive others' struggles to keep up with real life and cyber life and all the extras that go along with Christmas in a failing economy. 8-}
And there were storms the past couple days. Yesterday was pretty nasty and computer usage was stunted. Today, I'm taking a half day off to regroup.

I tried to post this last night, but I was just too exhausted. Anyhow, FC was right about its botanical nature. As far as specifics, I confess I can't remember this one's name. I went back nearly 5 years into the archives for the pic. But it's a pretty cool looking plant that does bear a striking resemblance to a spoonbill. 8-}

Hope y'all are having a blessed Christmas month.
In the immortal words of what's-his-name (from HSB)... be careful out there.

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