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09 September 2009

Mystery solved

KellyRae is right. It's a Black Skimmer. I'm always so tickled to see these birds. They have so much character.

These were part of a large flock hanging out with gulls, terns and other water-loving birds at Fort Island Trail Park in Crystal River. DS and I were hunting for a Roseate Spoonbill spotted off Follow That Dream Parkway in Yankeetown. Failing that mission, we knew we'd see something interesting at Fort Island. It was perfect till the kids ran through the flock and the yellowflies found me. The kids, eventually, go away; yellowflies never give up. {0,0}

1 comment:

Kathy C. said...

Wow - that's an awesome looking bird. We don't get those over on the east coast (or at east I've never seen one, lol). :) Beautiful!