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08 July 2009

Mystery solved

Great guesses! I can definitely see how each is a possibility. Jena got the right one... it's a Queen. She's one of my favourites and I'm always tickled to find quite a few down on Mandalay Road.

It seems as if we haven't had as many butterfly visitors this year. That might have something to do with the heat and/or my not getting out as much as usual. And our butterfly bushes can't compare to the original plant that grew right outside the front door till something done it in. Reckon I'll have to schedule a lep-hunt this weekend. Hopefully the forecast, no rain, will be right. We've had some real frog-stranglers lately.

1 comment:

Kathy C. said...

SophieMae, I love butterflies! We get several of the Florida Swallowtails, I plant parsley just for them, lol.