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24 May 2009

Southron Sunday - quotes from the WoNA

That either revenue from duties must be collected in the ports of the rebel states, or the ports must be closed to importations from abroad....If neither of these things be done, our revenue laws are substantially repealed; the sources which supply our treasury will be dried up; we shall have no money to carry on the government; the nation will become bankrupt before the next crop of corn is ripe.....Allow rail road iron to be entered at Savannah with the low duty of ten per cent, which is all that the Southern Confederacy think of laying on imported goods, and not an ounce more would be imported at New York; the railroads would be supplied from the southern ports.
- - - New York Evening Post, 12 March 1861

1 comment:

Aunty Belle said...

Heh--this is great stuff--whar'd ya git that?

Does ya have Charles Adams' book

People jes' doan know history, do they?