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20 May 2009

Ever surprise yourself?

I was just weeding out an old email account I seldom use and found this from about 10 years ago. When a friend asked for a poem for (as I now recall) a new mother-to-be, I hurriedly dashed this off late one night, apparently in a sleepy daze. When I read this just now, I thought someone was pretty clever... then I got to the end and realized it was I! Huh! My creativity must be hibernating. Anyhow, here it is, just as pecked out 24 September 1999:

You're having a baby!
I don't mean maybe!
Girl or boy,
It's a bundle of joy.
Diapers and wipers,
Bottles and bibs,
3 o'clock feedings,
Fighting with sibs,
Stepping on toys,
These are the joys
That motherhood brings.
Forget all the things
That used to enthrall you
'Cause it'll be all you
Can do just to stay
Awake through the day.
Resign yourself to it,
There's just one way through it.
The love that fills you,
When that tiny smile thrills you.
God's precious gift
Will be such a lift.

yada yada yada, I ran out of steam
Someone else will have to finish, it seems.

(Well, I did have another verse, if you know this gal real well and she can
take a joke.)

Rest now, while you may,
For soon you will pay
For that small indiscretion,
That one late-night session
Of passion that made you
Lose the sense that God gave you.


1 comment:

jena said...

Hey, that really is clever. Wake up your creativity and write more. :)